The best database management solution

With support for all major database formats, top-class export functions and advanced feaures like Linq Data Context availabe, SSDM is probably your best choice for DB management. It's even free software!

Download from out project site

Note! .net framework is required to run the program. The download page will open in a new window.


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Supporting all major formats

SSDM supports SqlCE, Sql Server, Effiproz, Oracle, MySql, Sqlite, OleDB, Excel, CSV and FireBird.

Lightweight and easy to use

SSDM has a clean and intuitive user interface, to let you do your job as effectively as possible. And takes up under 10 megabytes of disk space.

Simple export

SSDM's excellent export wizard makes it hassle-free to export your database to any format- at any time.

Free Software

SSDM is licenced under the GNU GPL, giving you freedom to use the software in any way you want, including modifying it and passing it on.